Hi! I’m Itai Keshet — a creative director and producer, and I run a production studio in Berlin.
I've been working as a creative professional for +15 years and I specialize in designing and producing content that brings together elements from a wide range of fields including graphic design, video, animation, podcasts, and illustration.
I often collaborate with major agencies and established global brands. I have been fortunate to work for clients like Daimler, Amazon, DB, Wooga, eToro, and the European Commission. I have collaborated with publishers like the New York Times and CNN and mobilized teams of creatives who are the best in their field.
I work in English, German, Hebrew, and occasionally French and I produce projects all around the world, from Iceland to Japan.
I regularly produce and publish independent work including illustrations, short animations, videos, and a web-series, which I hope you will get to check out.
Mostly, I get hired to lead creative campaigns, prepare pitch proposals, and produce entire media projects hands-on, together with my network of creatives. That said — if you would like to collaborate on something more specific — just drop me a line.
I also teach an online class on Skillshare called Editing Interviews: Techniques for Documentarists.
It’s about my techniques and workflow for editing long interviews for video, podcasts or text and turning them into compelling stories.
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