An ongoing podcast series produced for the European Commission about the European tourism industry, currently in its second season.
Teaming up with the agency Scholz & Friends, we are producing this podcast series, centred around the theme of European tourism. Guided by the insights of the Commission's policy officer for tourism, the series offers a deep dive into European travel culture and trends.
The production blueprint we developed for this project is quite distinct: The foundation of each episode is a well-researched script. Then, by selecting three industry experts for interviews, we bring diverse voices into the conversation. The blending of these voices with the host’s own insights ensured a rounded dialogue for listeners.
The recording of the host's input takes place in a dedicated Brussels studio. Final production stages include audio mixing, sound enhancement, adding musical elements, and overseeing broad distribution.
Here is the show description:

The European Capital of Smart Tourism is an award by the European Commission to reward and celebrate innovative smart tourism practices across Europe. In this podcast series, we will explore this world of smart tourism and the future of the tourism industry in Europe. What is means to be a smart tourism leader, how you can become one and the European Capital of Smart Tourism competition that is driving the smart tourism innovation in Europe.
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