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For CNN's Great Big Story

55 Generations of Sake: One Family's Sacred Art

For more than 850 years, the Sudo family has been making sake in Obara, Japan. Their sake distillery is the oldest in the country. fter the 2011 earthquake and nuclear meltdown, they feared the water in their ancient wells had been poisoned and they would have to close.

My role: Story, Production and Filming.

New York Times Op-Doc

Portrait of mistrust: Food Fears in Japan

Two years after a tsunami and nuclear meltdown in Fukushima, Japan, the filmmaker Itai Keshet presents a documentary portrait of public fear, mistrust and suspicion about the safety of food.

My role: Story, Filming and EDITING.

Independent Short



Calligraphy artist Denise Luc about copying, visual expressions and embracing the unintentional elements of art.

My Role: Story, Filming and Editing

For CNN's Great Big Story

It's Like a Hot Tub, Except Filled with Beer

Sure, hot tubs are refreshing, but why use water when there's beer? Andrea Stigger of Starkenberg Brewery in Austria details how the company transformed one of its fermenting vats into a beer pool for visiting guests. And yes, it's drinkable -- if you're into beer of the warm and bitter variety.

Produced in collaboration with Marius Anderson and Christopher Bobyn.

My Role: On-Shoot Director