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Sluggish Series


Sluggish Series

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Sluggish is a video web series that brings together different stories around a single idea. Sometimes the stories are about art and sometimes they’re about science or history or sports but they are always about everyday things that are weird and esoteric and they are always fun.

Featured episodes

Techno Viking — How Viral Happens

A legendary superhero becomes a massively popular meme and keeps his secret identity. A story about how what happens to the stuff that you put online could be beyond your imagination.


The artist Ignacio Uriarte was stuck at a dead-end office job. Until one day he started to experiment with this concept—doing office work but without the actual work.
Episode two looks at art, office life and the freedom of zoning out.

fighting blue sky thinking

Gavin Pretor-Pinney is a man on a mission. For the past ten years he has been trying to change the way people think about clouds. The final episode of season one looks at a group of 40,000 people who are fighting the tyranny of so-called blue sky thinking.